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You deserve a smile you can feel good about. While stained teeth and physical damage to enamel can make you feel self-conscious, cosmetic dental services restore brightness, symmetry, and even improve overall oral health. At the office of Darcy Wakefield, DDS, we provide cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

If you are not satisfied with the look of your smile, our cosmetic dentist and her team can help. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cambridge

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cambridge, OH

Dr. Wakefield creates treatment plans to fit every dental patient. With a range of services that can be provided individually, or together for a smile makeover, we are prepared to address all of your concerns. During your consultation, Dr. Wakefield and our team discuss the following:

Clear Braces – As an orthodontics provider, Dr. Wakefield offers dental care to correct misaligned teeth. Patients with straight teeth feel confident in their appearances and enjoy easier brushing and flossing routines. With help from our cosmetic dental office, patients have options for tooth-colored and invisible braces. 

Teeth Whitening - Professional teeth bleaching lifts stains from the surface of discolored teeth. Many dental patients experience dull or yellowed teeth over time, especially as they drink coffee, wine, and other pigmented foods and drinks over the years. Teeth whitening is non-invasive, easy, and provides beautiful results. 

Tooth-Colored Crowns and Bridges – If decay, damage to teeth, or even missing teeth are among your list of concerns, Dr. Wakefield provides completely natural-looking dental restorations. These prosthetics replace decayed portions of teeth, replace missing teeth entirely, and are fabricated to look beautiful and last. Ask our Cambridge cosmetic dentist about white dental crowns and life-like dental bridges.

Botox® Smile Enhancement - The appearance of your smile can also be affected by lines or wrinkled skin around your mouth. Dr. Wakefield is an experienced dental provider who uses a gentle approach to injectable treatment. She provides Botox® for cosmetic smile enhancement, creating a more youthful appearance. 

After your initial evaluation, Dr. Wakefield can determine the extent of damage to teeth and the most conservative methods to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Your treatment is customized to meet your goals and ensure you feel great about the way you look.  We take gum and tooth health into account, as well as preferences for materials and procedures.

Visit our Cosmetic Dentist for a More Beautiful Smile

Our office is committed to excellent patient care and supports your confidence with natural, durable restorations. If you’re interested in a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Cambridge, OH dental office, contact us today to speak with our doctor and team. 


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